Hasani's Warmly Beating Musical Heart

"It's a piece dating from the era when violinists were encouraged to display what they were capable of: Symphonie Espagnole by Eduoard Lalo. Never before had the violin been so thoroughly engaged. For the first time, the left hand reached so high that it nearly left the strings; the lowest string the G string was utilized in its entirety, which added color effects to the tone. One of the virtuosi from that period, Pablo de Sarasate, was the inspiration for Lalo when he composed the Symphonie Espagnole. Lalo called it a symphony, but the composition played last night in the Tilburg Concert Hall (Concertzaal Tilburg) by violinist Adelina Hasani is a violin concerto, airy, melodious and entertaining, filled with Spanish folk melodies as the name implies. Concertmaster Adelina Hasani was in control of everything. Quick, agile, and playing intensely into the string, she guided her instrument as well as the orchestra precisely to where she wished to be: inside the music's warmly beating heart. The orchestra offered her collegial security, following her attentively, allowing her the requisite space for the numerous rapidly darting passages while maintaining reliable tempi and beat."

~ Marjolijn Sengers, Eindhovens Dagblad, 26 October 2012

Hasani Dazzles with Kamikaze for the Violin

“The truth will out. That definitely applies to the often hectic life of concertizing: the animal’s true nature is quickly evident. One cannot imagine a better choice for the young Albanian violinist, Adelina Hasani, than the warm-blooded Brahms Violin Concerto. Her approach to this piece, together with the Brabant Philharmonic, turns out to be a revelation. Adelina Hasani has been concertmaster of the Brabant Philharmonic Orchestra since 2002. Performing Brahms’ devilishly difficult kamikaze for the violin could be called her artistic trial by fire – a tour de force that the 30-year-old Hasani brought off with flying colors. Hasani plays this violin concerto as it should be, full of defiant accents, willing to take risks, and with a pithy ‘Balkanschwung’, like cries from the heart sounded without mercy on the strings of the violin. It’s hard to imagine that so much passion could issue forth from such a fragile-seeming figure; Hasani appears to be coolly under control. However, as soon as she reaches the stage, the internal bomb seems to burst, as it were. At the end of the lengthy first movement, Hasani propels a furious cadenza outward, one that continues to resonate long afterwards…A noteworthy interpretation…”

~ Brabants Dagblad

Adelina Hasani Embraced by the Audience

“With her performance of the Brahms Violin Concerto last weekend, Adelina Hasani presented us with her business card, so to speak, informing us just who this latest concertmaster is and what she is capable of. Her presence, her delivery, and especially her playing itself place her in a favorable light in comparisons with the international top violinist scene. With firm bowing, a flawless left hand, and the necessary confidence, Adelina proved to be the sort of soloist that is most definitely present. She took charge with great awareness and insightful and passionately driven musicality.”

~ Eindhovens Dagblad

Adelina Hasani the Voice of Sheherezade

“…but it was the violinist Adelina Hasani, in particular, who transformed this musical narration into a riveting experience. Her intonation was utterly perfect and her manner bewitching as she portrayed Sheherezade and the changing atmosphere evoked by the storyteller while weaving the tale.…She touched the hearts of the audience…”

~ Eindhovens Dagblad

Hasani Leaves Space for the Music

“A strong personality who knows what she wants and arrives where she wishes to be – these words refer to Adelina Hasani, who performed Mozart’s Violin Concerto nr. 4 in D major with the Brabant Philharmonic. Her playing was truly outstanding. The concertmaster of this orchestra brought Mozart’s music to life in a manner that was swift, accurate, thorough, expressive and self-aware, transforming the numerous notes into a cohesive whole, with shining and radiant tone, unhindered by the least of technical limitations…her mastery of the score provided the music with room of the most benevolent sort…”

~ Eindhovens Dagblad

Sing in lyrical intricacy

"..Badings composed this work [Concerto for Two Violins and Orchestra]originally for Theo Olof and Herman Krebbers. On Thursday it was Ilya Grubert and Adelina Hasani who made the twin solo scores sing in lyrical intricacy."

~ Antony Fiumara; Trouw; 14th February, 2009

Virtuosity at its peak

"..After that came Mozart's Fourth Violin Concerto, with as soloist the orchestra's concertmaster, Adelina Hasani. The Albanian violinist once again treated us to a sample of her virtuosity at its peak; one can only watch and listen with tremendous admiration. She had already indicated during the introduction that playing with her own orchestra invokes a particular tension and inspires her to give the finest of her capabilities. This resulted in a fantastic performance of this violin concerto."

~ Aukje Teunis; Weekblad Regio Oss; 5th December, 2007

Blossomed in the openings

"..Richard Strauss's symphonic tone poem, Ein Heldenleben, gave concertmaster Adelina Hasani the opportunity to shine . . . . It was remarkable when Adelina Hasani's solo violin blossomed in the openings and cracks in the wall of sound. She played her part with fiery certainty.."

~ René van Peer

Hasani Self-Assured at the Head of the Troops

"Brabant Philharmonic Concertmaster Adelina Hasani perceives the Music Through and Through".
"Yesterday afternoon, concertmaster Adelina Hasani – together with the Brabant Philharmonic Orchestra—played Prokofiev's First Violin Concerto. She was invincible in both her stage presence and her manner of performance – the latter, in particular. This violin concerto contains all the elements for keeping the listener's attention riveted. It demands personality and vision of the soloist in addition to tremendous technical accomplishment; a warm, lyrical tone; and a self-confident presentation. Adelina Hasani had all these. Buoyed by the powerful sound of her instrument, she confidently led the troops, indicating with conviction which direction she wished to take and revealing thorough perception of the music. Her bowing style was strong, her fingers landing with sureness as they flew over the strings; her sound was generous, and she showed great sensitivity to the piece's atmosphere. She demonstrated that, as a soloist, she is deserving of a wide audience. The orchestra and solo violinist played with attentiveness to each other and colored in the piece with great imagination."

~ Marjolijn Sengers; Eindhovens Dagblad; 24th January, 2011

Fierce and virtuosic

"..Bartók's music [First Concerto for Violin and Orchestra] offers little in the way of a harmonic or rhythmic foothold. The soloist is obliged, for the most part, to apply a sense of structure to the piece. Adelina Hasani accomplished this overwhelmingly . . . She played the fast movement in a manner that was fierce and virtuosic, relying on her inner strength."

~ Marjolijn Sengers; Eindhovens Dagblad; 22nd October, 2011

Impressively spot-on intonation

"..En route to the Romanticism of Beethoven's Eroica following the interval, The Brabant Philharmonic makes a refreshing pit-stop for the less frequently played violin concerto that Bartók wrote for his beloved. During the unaccompanied passage in the delicate opening Andante, the young Albanian violinist Adelina Hasani immediately lets us hear her impressively spot-on intonation.."

~ Monique Meeuwisse; BN de Stem; 24th October, 2011

Adelina Hasani


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